Pro Breeze PB-P01 Reviews: 5-in-1 Filter in HEPA Air Purifier

Pro Breeze PB-P01 air purifier has a compact size and smart touch panel to control settings. It can remove more than 99% of impurities from any place.


Does Pro Breeze PB-P01 Air Purifier Perform Better Than Traditional Air Purifiers?

Traditional air purifiers have cheap prices but do not contain smart features. They also contain low-quality filters that work only for a few weeks. It is a very cost-effective thing to maintain the traditional air purifiers in the homes or offices. Apart from that, they do not work effectively to remove all the impure airborne particles.

Pro Breeze PB-P01 air purifier is the latest device for air purification that you can use in small or large areas. It is a high-quality air purifier with good features.

Design of the product

Pro Breeze PB-P01 is designed by topnotch engineers and technicians. It contains rich quality materials that may not cause side effects in the body like migraine and headache. Besides that, this tool may not cause skin allergies, infection and inflammation.

In addition to that, the materials of this air purifier are tested in the labs by technicians. This air purifier is free of gases, parabens, and chemicals. It is recommended for long term use. Furthermore, this product has safety and quality certifications.

Features of Pro Breeze PB-P01 air purifier

  1. Lightweight device

Traditional air purifiers are a big mess to maintain in the homes and offices. They also take a lot of space in your homes. Apart from that, they need a filter replacement every few weeks.

Because of the lightweight feature, you can easily carry Pro Breeze PB-P01 air purifier from one place to another. In addition to that, you can take this compact device while going for camping and family trips.

  1. Three filters

Pro Breeze PB-P01 air purifier comes with 3 powerful filters. They are Fine Preliminary filter, HEPA filter, and Activated Carbon filter. These filters can remove fine particles, dust, allergens, and odors from the home within a few minutes.

  1. Clean homes

Pro Breeze PB-P01 works better than cheap air purifiers. It can remove 99% of germs from any place. Apart from that, it can clean the full homes and offices which an air purifier cannot do.

  1. Beautiful touch panel

You can change the settings of Pro Breeze PB-P01 with the help of buttons on the touch panel. Besides that, the device also contains other modes like sleep mode and timer that you can adjust easily.

  1. Long sleep

Sleep mode helps you in getting a long sleep at night. All you can do is turn on the option of sleep mode before going to bed. Pro Breeze PB-P01 will run in silent mode. You don’t need to wake up to adjust its settings.

  1. 6. Timer mode

This is one of the best features that help your family get deep sleep. You can set the timer in 2, 4 or 8 hours as per your need. Pro Breeze PB-P01 will automatically run for that time without adjusting the settings. Furthermore, it runs without disturbing your work or sleep


  1. I am Robin from New York. I stay near the factory zone due to which dust, allergens, and chemicals enter my home every minute. I used traditional air purifiers but they did not perform well in my large house. I used to change filters every now and then. A few months back, I met one friend who told me about Pro Breeze PB-P01 air purifier.
  2. I decided to place the order of this device online. It is one of the best products for purifying the air in homes. Now, my whole family feels better each day with a clean indoor environment. It also removes odors of chemicals and gases that enter my home from the factories. Furthermore, I don’t have to change the filters of this air purifier every few weeks.


Where to get the product from?

You can order Pro Breeze PB-P01 air purifier online from the official site. You have to first fill an online form to order this product online. Then you have to enter your personal details in the form like name, address, phone number, and other details.

Further, you have to make payment using cash or credit card method. The product will reach your registered address within 3 to 4 business days.

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